Better use of floor space

June 21, 2019

We knocked down an internal wall between the living room and dining room. We currently have our TV and lounge area in one half of the space and a dining table in the other half. Removing the wall did create a more open plan feel and has let more light in, which was my goal. But now we have 4 doors that lead into the space, meaning that the middle section is not very functional, as it serves as a thoroughfare between the hallway an bedrooms on one side and the kitchen on the other. A kind of no-mans land I'm looking for ideas on how I might better use the space between the living zone and dining zone, so that this area is not wasted. The house is quite small, so am keen to use every square inch!

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  • C P

    If the doors each side open to same space (hall one side and kitchen the other) I'd close one set up to create more wall space. Even if you can't afford to create the "wall" you could at least seal the door (and remove knobs) and place furniture in front.
    I'd also think about rotating your dining table 90 degrees.

  • C P

    you could also place some arm chairs in the lounge area with their backs to dining space.

  • julie herbert

    You could create another seating area, keeping furniture to a minimal so that it blends with traffic, or a buffet could look great and adds extra storage , did you have plans for the area before you renovated, maybe a quiet reading area or a study would look fabulous.

  • PRO
    Kitchen and Home Sketch Designs

    Looks great open with out the wall. Would you want to open kitchen to dining? Keep the opening opposite the bedroom doors, close off the other for more wall space. If you have three walls in living room, the furniture will be easily arranged. And if the kitchen/dining wall is opened then watching news while prepping veggies will be easy! Cheers. Margot

  • Kate

    Can u post a full floor plan please

  • KK1000

    I would take down existing doors and make them into sliding doors with very simple fittings for popular barn doors.