Off-white cabinets and white benchtop gone wrong.

Supriya Shakya
July 21, 2019


So we have just finished our kitchen renovation. We went for a traditional looking kitchen with a stone benchtop. We chose off-white cabinets to give it a warm look and selected an awesome stone (Michael Angelo quartz). The biggest problem is that the white stone and the off white don’t match and we realised this a little too late. We had previously matched the samples of stone against the cabinets but only upon getting the entire kitchen together, and seeing the big white stone slab against all the cabinets, we realised how “unmatched” the white and the off whites are. The big white stone makes the off-white cabinets look almost creamish yellow :( Attached is a photo.

The only thing left now to save the look of our kitchen I feel is the walls. We are wondering whether to go for white walls or for off-white matching the cabinets. Can anyone suggest ideas (or share photos) for the kitchen wall so that the colour miss-match comes together... somehow.

Any other decor ideas to improve the look of the kitchen would be very helpful too.

Thanks in advance!

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