Help! I can't choose a finish for our door hardware. My head hurts!

Maya A
last year
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Hello lovely helpful Houzz community. We are in the middle of a full house reno and I'm stuck on our new door hardware.

The house is a gabled low-set post-war weatherboard home. We are renovating the original home in a mix of traditional and contemporary (traditional/colonial skirting, doors, cornices and architraves throughout, a hamptons/farmhouse style kitchen, with contemporary ensuite and bathroom). Once we've completed the original part of the house, we will be adding a contemporary extension. The outside house colours are Colorbond Surfmist and Monument, with black front door and entry gate, and the new contemporary extension will be in Monument.

We have chosen polished brass hardware for our front door, our kitchen has polished nickel fittings and tapware, our ensuite has chrome and white tapware and chrome fittings, and our bathroom will have brushed raw/living brass tapware and fittings.

I am lost now trying to choose the right finish for our interior doors. The doors are all off the one hallway leading to the bedrooms, bathroom and linen cupboard. Other than that, we will also be installing mudroom style cabinets in the entry (with handles of some description) which will be directly off the front door (which has brass hardware).

Do we put brass (or even antique brass?) throughout? Or polished nickel to tie in with the nickel and chrome in the kitchen and ensuite? I like the idea of a darker colour to compliment the white colonial doors, but I'm more concerned with flow. Any and all suggestions and advice will be so much appreciated. I am past the stage of mental burnout and so afraid of stuffing it up and our home becoming too "eclectic". I've attached some photos in case it helps. Thanking you in advance!

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