Ideas on how to update old cream brick facade?

Melanie C
last year
last modified: last year

I am in the process of progressively renovating my house and am looking for ideas on how to update the external cream brick facade. Ideally I'd like a cost efficient approach as I'd rather invest my budget into other areas like the kitchen and laundry.

Already, I intend to replace all gutters and down-pipes (new down-pipe to run down the middle of the upstairs windows, as currently there is a downpipe in the cavity which causes moisture issues in the downstairs living area), remove the existing garage structure (all lightweight) and extend the lower level roof across and install a new garage door. I also plan to paint the window frames.

For updating the front brickwork I have identified the following options so far:

  • Having the roof tiles painted, and painting the brickwork (I am worried this will just look like a poor attempt to mask a dated facade)
  • Rendering the whole house (somewhat expensive, plus will look odd with the current window sill bricks)
  • Rendering the lower 2/3, and weatherboard lining the top 1/3 (somewhat expensive, plus I think with the bay window some of the detailing may be difficult / look out of place)

I'd be keen to hear of thoughts on the above, any other ideas, potential colours and how I could wrap the update around the back of the house.

Photos provided (the front garden is planned to be completely redone, with the palm trees coming out!)

Thanks in advance!

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