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2 bed Chalet with 2 bedrooms, 2 ensuites and a share bath with a view?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Chalet design help needed.

We have just bought a property with stunning views over vineyards, lakes etc and want to build 2 x1 bedroom chalets (see attached design sketch) and 1 x 2 bedroom chalet. Our target is luxury adult accommodation and I love the 1 bed sketch design as it enables a view from the living, bath and bedroom with a separate spectacular bath. My dilemma is the design of the 2 bed chalet. To keep within budget and working in with the 1 bed design, how can I have 2 ensuite bathrooms with a toilet, basin and shower each, but have a spectacular bath that they can share? There are also views to the West/north west so both bedrooms could be on the same side.

Love how you get a view with this rough plan for a 1 bed chalet but need ideas for a 2 bed chalet without having to install 2 baths.

I like the general look of this design which works well with the floor plan and views.

The Chalets will be on the other side of this dam and will be facing towards the dam and surrounding vineyards and rolling hills.

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