Front or rear master?

Kirby Moroney
28 days ago

Looking to build a house early to mid next year, and meeting with the builders in the next couple of weeks. We have initially gone for the design with the front master, but after thinking about it are wondering whether to go for the rear master.

Would love to hear peoples opinion on the pros or cons for both.

Pros for rear master are currently we don't have children, so if we did have a baby or young children then our bedroom would be close by; our back wall is west facing so hopefully a lot of the heat would be absorbed by the WIR/en suite.

The pros for the front master is that it is shorter in length, which would then equal more backyard space; I prefer the kitchen layout; and also the main bedroom being at the front provides a bit more security as well as having a bit more of an adults retreat with the media being close by.


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