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Post War Home Frontage

last month

Hi all! I have a post war home im looking to update however i’d like to honour its origins, so nothing to the extent of rendering or painting the red brick.

Step one will be a roof restoration as it badly needs doing, it had been painted by the previous owner so I’ll be taking the opportunity to repaint it as well. In turn I’d like to paint the gutters, fascia, windows, garage and budget permitting replace the security shutters. I think that’s the part that bothers me the most, nothing is cohesive.

I’m leaning towards Dulux Ironstone at the moment to create some contrast. Thoughts? And then do I just paint it all the one colour to tie it together? I.e windows, garage, gutters…

My second biggest issue is the porch (not part of the original home) where the lattice work is. Apart from security, it’s a pretty redundant and quite an odd space to get to the front door. First time visitors are always confused where to enter. My only thoughts here were a) keep it but remove the latticework and update to something more modern or b) turn it into an open porch by removing the top half. That’s as fleshed out as the idea is right now 😂

Appreciate any opinions or feedback. Thank you in advance!

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