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Worth adding extra space in front of sliding wardrobe closet?

Elbie D
3 months ago

Designing a new place. For the (kids') bedrooms, I'm thinking of adding an extra 30cm space in front of the hanging area (before the tracks and sliding doors).
Idea is to allow extra space for storage. E.g. bags, sports equipment, etc). Almost like a semi WIR but not dealt for walking in. Then you can just close it and hide all the clutter. And only takes up 30cm or so of room dimensions.
Rooms themselves are decent I think. On average 3.3m X 3.5m.
I guess thoughts are the 30cm could technically be enough room for a shelf or something so potentially taking away from that. Or perhaps a double bed to fit in the future.
Thoughts? Especially for those who have kids - how useful would this be?
Have attached an image of the extra space in front of the wardrobe.

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