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Advice on laundry update

3 months ago

I have a really small house and it lacks storage generally. I’d like to maximise storage opportunities in my laundry.
I’d like to use as much space as possible. No dryer needed.

I think some wall cabinets. There is the old linen cupboard. I like how the built in goes all the way to the top. Maximises space.

I need to also store my shoes here. Currently in that plastic set of drawers.

Options I have considered include widening the linen cupboard (taking up the space the plastic drawers use now), and have a couple of pull out shelves that can be used for shoes. The other shelves for linen. Or a narrow shoe cupboard eg 30-40 cm wide, perhaps 150 high.

Or- wild idea, is it possible to build so thing into the wall cavity as shelves for the shoes? Wall beside the linen cupboard.

Make the door a sliding one or cavity door,

Really open to any ideas to cram the space with storage.

Thank you.

The length of the space is 2371. Width is narrow as you can see.
Open to ideas

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