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Ceiling fan over dining table - how to make it look not rubbish?

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We live in coastal NSW (subtropical) - we don't have A/C, and we love our fans for when there is no breeze blowing. We really need something for the dining table area.

Thing is, we wanted to have a nice feature pendant light over the dining table. The fans with lights built-in look a bit cr*p by comparison - and the dining area is really one of the main focal points in a (fairly small) home. The nicest ones I've found are this one and this one, but neither I think will cast the kind of mood lighting I had envisaged for the dining table.

What do think?

Any other suggestions?

....Would a pendant over the centre of the table and then a ceiling fan off to one side look any good? We have a white ceiling, so maybe a plain white fan will sort of disappear into the ceiling...?

Or maybe 2 ceiling fans either side of the pendant for symmetry?..or will 2 fans straddling a pendant over a dining table look a bit much?

Another option is a wall mounted oscillating fan, like this one, mounted on the wall off to one side. Could this look ok do you think?...or do wall fans never truly look ok??

EDIT: here is a picture of the room in question. We plan to replace that pendant with a bigger, fancier one. The rear wall will eventually see the corner unit removed a built-in buffet installed. So the whole thing will look symmetrical. Can you picture a ceiling fan or two im addition to a pendant here? or will it look silly?

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