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Major Kitchen Reno - layout dillema

last month
last modified: last month

So the time has come to completely redo our kitchen/Laundry area.

The working space i am finding awkward to design a layout. we have a unique split level home that is very open to take in surrounding mountain views. help please! busy kitchen for a family of 5.

key points:

1) the 2/3 wall that adjoins the upper hallway cannot be filled in - with the exception of down one end nearest existing pantry cupboard.- marked on floor plan

2) i want to incorporate a butlers pantry

3) laundry needs to stay somewhere within the are - existing laundry marked

4) existing window in kitchen offers lovely views to the mountains so this needs to stay - can be modified though

5) happy to add/remove walls where needed with the exception of external walls and the half height wall

any layout concepts greatly appreciated.

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