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Can you help us with our kitchen reno floor plan?

6 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hey all,

Im attempting to design a new, more open and functional kitchen.

My current kitchen has poor lighting and a horrible layout.

Ive had a bit of a muck around with a 3D design program, but Im still left scratching my head.

I want to try and brighten up the space and also make it seem more open and inviting, rather than the cramped, dark space that it is.

The images above dont show a true cabinet colour, but let me try and paint you a picture...with words and images lol

The wall cabinets will be a white, thinking maybe a gloss white or I was debating on whether I go for something different such as frosted glass with brushed alloy frames.

The base cabinets and pantry are all a creamy grey tone - Im not set on all these colours btw.

As for the countertops, thinking something similar to the image above, or either a nice wood tone or a dark stone colour such as the below - this may be a bit too dark for my small space that lacks natural light.

I am in the process of painting all my walls, so Im trying to find cabinet colours that will work well with my paint choice.

Heres an image of a room that I have already painted;

I am also debating on whether I change the flooring - the current flooring is tiles, which look like a VERY bad DIY job as they are poorly aligned and cut....basically anything you could think that would make tiles look bad, is what my tiles look like.

Further to this point, I love the look of wood floors so my thoughts are putting down a laminate floating floor rather than tiles, but the tiles are great in the summer as they keep the house cooler - to an extent.

The floor colour (Light Oak??) in the 3D designs above is probably a similar colour I would use.

Id also like to add a pass through window, although thats not what it will be used for, to bring some light into the kitchen.

I think that might be enough of my rambling. Can you tell how indecisive I am? :D

Any suggestions or advice would be hugely appreciated!!

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