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An excellent article thank you. Paper in a paperless society is a problem. Can you prove something has been paid or done or.... I keep folders for papers and cull them yearly to remove excess material. A waste basket by the door where as I enter I instantly dispose of unnecessary printed items is wonderful and easy.

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Ally Shardlow


I made a resolution this year to deal with the junk mail and normal mail the day it lands in my letterbox, so I quickly check the junk mail before taking it into the house, if something attracts my interest I keep it to look at and once done it goes straight into the recycle bin the same with the junk mail that I am not interested in.

Normal mail gets checked and the envelopes go in the same bin. I have a inbox to put any bills that need paying.

Now I have no more rubbish laying around the house waiting to be removed.

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Not sure I really want a professional looking at my clutter. But yes, I could just take photos and then give away what I no longer need or want. Maybe an album or a photo screen would be as good, and take up less space!


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