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Love the use of colour in the A. Jennison image. Not that a small desktop with all those pretty, non-useful items on it would be functional.

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Could not imagine working at a desk like those featured - wish i could but when you have several projects on the go at one time , invoices to track, files to update, meetings to attend, plus any number of other chores or interruptions then the desk face gets messy and sometimes there is not the opportunity to "declutter" . The desks featured are probably fine if facebook and other social pursuits are all you do and some do look nice when you have guests and there is not a door to lock away the view.

I always use that old line/excuse " if a cluttered desk shows a cluttered mind then what does a empty desk show!"

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Leonie Van der Meer

I immediately got rid of a pile of papers on my desk! Thanks for inspiring me to do so. Now to work on the bookshelf.

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