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Four Cheeky Monkeys
Lovely to hear, thank you. Your nursery looks wonderful, great contrast in the rug and mural for your little ones visual development.
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Melissa Mecchi

Love the article, introducing colour to children's lives is so important and enriching. However, do not forget that you should paint children's rooms with 100% non solvent safe paint. Then they get all the joy without the nasty's.

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As an early childhood educator,I have thought about this a lot when looking at photos of kids rooms recently with the trend for all neutrals and greys so prominent.Color is so important for development and while many of these rooms are gorgeous, they seem designed more for the parents and to match the rest of the house rather than for the child.Lots of them seem to forget safety too with things like curtains over cots, cushions etc that look great but are really dangerous for babies..


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