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The purple paint in the before, very scary familiar ..our spare room when we moved in. I thought no one else in the world would have used this shocking colour..obviously wrong...not a dockers fan either, so was insult to injury for all those who follow AFL
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We did this in our kitchen a couple of years ago and are really happy with the result! We own our house but weren't able to remove the cabinets without disturbing asbestos walls so instead we painted over the wooden-look cabinetry and army camouflage colored tiles with off-whites, and covered the 70's orange bench top, and painted the open cupboard backs in a couple of matching greys. Some of our friends still don't believe me that the make-over was achieved with only paint, for under $250, in between Christmas and new years. We like having our copper pots, burnt-red bake wear, grey plates that match the cupboard backs and stemware on display.

I disagree that it's not practical, we have had this for 2.5 years now and cook there every day - the trick is to put stuff in the open cupboards that you use very frequently so it's frequently being used and washed, we also keep cookware with lids closer to the stove top so that any steam/grease that may rise does not settle inside them and we make sure we use the extractor fan when cooking things with lots of steam/oil. We are avid cooks and leaving the cupboard doors off actually helps us in the kitchen and is very practical. I can work even faster not opening doors to grab last minute things and my husband loves that I don't leave doors open for him to bang his head on (yes that used to happen). You're not tempted to pack things in high up in the cupboard and risk them falling out. Most of the commercial kitchens I've seen also use open overhead shelving - for plates and pans in particular.

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Cinta House

It's no secret that updating your kitchen will add to the resale value of your home. Remodeling an old, outdated kitchen can be one of the smartest jobs a homeowner can undertake.


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