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I’d like to see ideas for a small walk in pantry as pullout shelves or drawers are not an option for me.
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For a small walk in pantry keep shelves no more than 350mm deep and divide the pantry into 4 modules with adjustable shelving. This allows shelves to be spaced exactly to the contents of each shelf and keeps things better organised. I was able to have 9 shelves in my pantry this way and the bottom shelves held large baking dishes or electrical appliances all easily accessible and everything had its own place. Cheap plastic baskets from $2 shops can be placed on shelves too for small packets and jars that need corralling, the whole basket can be lifted out to find the product needed and nothing becomes lost.

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Lynette Ludbrook

I used plastic baskets to increase pull out storage in my laundry and it works a treat, as do shoe boxes. Contain items in boxes and you don't need to reorganise an entire cabinet, when you want an item from the back. The boxes/containers function like drawers in keeping items grouped together!


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