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Beautiful. Flawless taste.

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J.M.A Estimating
I love the integration of the kitchen island into the dinning table's bench seats
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The decorator timber screen has to be the best! I am a native of Melbourne. We lived in an old Victorian timber home that had a cobbled laneway down one side boundary fence. The laneway was not a thoroughfare but would probably have been part of the original plan of the housing block where our house was finally constructed. Our house had access gates to the laneway in the side fence...the home on the opposite side and the one at the end did not. One gate off the laneway led to our kitchen door, the other one was originally for sanitaty cart access ( to empty the original loo)..which had long been closed off by the 50s. What I love about this house is the cobbled much character and history.

There's just one thing with every modern architctural build that I find annoying. With so much creative space and carte blanche to design whatever....why do modern loos all have to the bathroom? Even back in Victorian days the loo was a separate room or even a separate little building. There's a lot to be said about a separate loo. Oh, put one in the bathroom if you must be like the Americans...but what we call..."a Powder Room" would be ever so much more....dignified don't you think?


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