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When I moved into my newly refurbished house it didn't feel like home until I had hung my art, arranged my fave cushions and decorative bits and pieces, and shelved my books! Had to be careful though not to over-decorate - this lovely clean fresh space was smaller than previous house so had to be very selective about my choices!

Interestingly it goes against all I believe in when I hear of realtors selling a 'Home'. Its not a home, its a house. Until someone gets in there and makes it a home it is just a house! Same goes for some comments in Houzz, sorry! My bandwagon! Need to get off it, I know!

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Nancy - that is a very pertinent point.

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Nancy, Nancy, a very judgmental comment that one. Shame on you! We real estate salespeople sell sizzle, not just sausages. Some sizzle makes property attractive some ruins it. It's a totally subjective call, though, either way, it's already home to the people selling it and soon be home to the new owners. Some home owners live and thrive in sparkling minimalism, some in cluttered junk-yards. To crave someone elses taste is to never be happy. To judge it is ...well already you know. So, to each his own, yep? You said it; get off it. Regarding the interior home-pictures in this article; they all looked very well presented to me : )


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