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Chris H
Hi there,
Thank you for the article. I would also be interested it what questions I should ask a potential tiler to help me understand their capability. We found asking for references or establishing eagerness wouldn’t have helped us with our recent tiler quality issues.
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Catherine Booth

The tiler that our builder KMJ constructions used in our PAAL HOUSE, cracked most of our large ceramic wall tiles and we had a lot of wastage. He then run a out of tiles and asked us to buy more boxes and then used 3 tiles, now we have boxes of them. The porcelain tiles on the floor were laced unevenly. They were the easiest 300 x 300 tile. We mentioned this to the builder who seemed unperturbed. However it was picked up on the pre hand over inspection report we commissioned by an independent building consultant company. Recommend this report to anyone building. It’s the best leverage you have against poor quality workmanship. Another set of eyes.

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Monika Kryger

Love that last powder room!


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