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Andrew Cox
We're about to renovate our bathroom in our 1930's cottage and have got a cast iron claw foot bath ready to go... Complete with original brass tapware!!

We've got heaps of room, but what do people think of putting it in on a 45° instead of a traditional design adjacent to the wall?
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Caterina Giannetti
We have a very small bathroom - shower, bath and vanity (toilet is in a separate room). I could live without a bath but hubby wants to keep it. Having the shower over the bath is not an option for us as we age and the knees get creaky. Looks like my renovation plans will remain just that.
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Andrew Cox - have you factored in access for cleaning no matter which way to site it?

There are definitely safety factors to be taken into consideration putting a shower over a bath and they are definitely NOT for the elderly, nor are sunken baths. Cleaning would be an issue too especially with a screen, it would mean actually getting into the bath to clean.


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