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@ Rebekah Codlin,

You might want to take an inventory of all the things we women use regularly to be sure you can fit everything in as you might be surprised like I was ha-ha

I have a draw, albeit does have the plumbing cutout so I do loose a bit of space with it, however that just helped me streamline what I really need but I have a hair brush, night and day moisturizer, deodorant, hair spray, hair detangler spray, sunscreen, body lotion, lipgloss and hair ties on my side and hubby has his shavers, cotton buds, hair brush etc... on his side and my makeup bag won't fit anywhere inside the draw but does fit neatly inside the back of the draw beside the plumbing pipes and anything spare like shampoo, soap etc... is in a storage box in my laundry.

My vanity is wall hung and I only has a single draw so if I had my time over I would have bought a two draw unit but the thing to remember is those wall hung mirrored units are quite small and you might be dissapointed in just how little you can store in them as the recessed ones only give you approx 100mm in depth at best, so good luck with your plans and also be careful if it matters to you about "looks" that open shelves with things like a toothbrush can look a bit messy although easy daily access is also important?

I think for me personally, it's really nice if just about everything is hidden as it makes for a streamline minimalist look which I like but might not be importsnt to you? I was stuck in a tiny home all of seven squares at one time so I had zero storage, no room for a dining table even so we ate our meals on our laps every day so everything except for clothing was exposed and I hated it so when we built our new home, I have tried to find a "home" for everything behind doors and the only thing you will see is plants ha-ha

On top of my vanity is all my perfumes neatly sitting on a glass tray and the only other thing is hand wash and a box of tissues.

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Rebekah Codlin

Yep absolutely, I like minimalism and open space. This is my ensuite, so bulky things such as my hairdryer are actually behind a floor sitting mirror in my bedroom. The wall hung shelving for my toothbrush is on the side of the wall so the side of the cabinet covers everything, and encloses the power point already there... I would have liked no shelving but my toothbrush is plugged in to the wall and it all needs to be hidden somehow.

I make sure I don't hoard makeup I don't use, and everything is little (i.e I don't use one of those giant eyeshadow palletes and 20 brushes lol), so I'll have this all lined up on the shelf behind the mirror. My makeup bag is for travel and contains also mini hair products, toothpaste etc, everything in one, so this will be under my bed. I just grab a lippy and anything else and pop in my handbag when I go out.

The only other bulky thing is a set of scales I can just have in my wardrobe... The only furniture I have in my bedroom is a chair as a side table, and my bed! I like to have space for large pot plants and cool rustic vases.


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Hi Bek,

When you mentioned pot plants, you've had me sit up and take notice as I love plant too, I have them all over my home lol

It really does sound like you are organized like me, I have my hair dryer in my other bathroom that I call my en suite but it is in fact just another bathroom in the home but is like a tiny guest bathroom. I also have a travel bag for clothes together with a separate but quite large toiletries bag that corals all my stuff needed for being away from home and it sits in the spare bedroom for now.

My makeup bag is pretty small as I'm a bit past the full face do at 62, just good moisturer, some BB cream, mascara and lippy and my usual bottle of perfume stays in the car albeit I know I shouldn't do that but it's just handy as I hate forgetting to put some on and hubby doens't like it in the home, grump ha-ha

As for scales, I don't have any in the home and all my clothes still fit from 20+ years ago, being on a farm, I don't have much in the way of fancy clothes and thank goodness for stretch fabrics for comfort ha-ha..... so I don't weigh myself and haven't for perhaps 6 months until when I wanted to see how much our shed cat weighs to worm him as we have industrial scales down there, 6kgs by the way little umpalumpa weighed ha-ha and I can't even remember what my weight was but I remember enough to know it hadn't changed lol

My granddaughter has a backpack for her makeup, seriously I can't believe it ha-ha


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