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Barbara, I should add; on my little farm, I drank from and washed in the creek and showered under rain cascading off the verandah roof; no space or dimension at that place was too small. The snakes and ticks, on the other hand, drove me inside and to, eventually, sell-up.

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Farm days - WOW show was outside - garden hose - water was from our dam - water drained into the garden

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Thanks for your kind words.

Yes I have written the size of the home incorrectly, its roughly 23 squares which of course is a 10m x 10m measurement and the square metres is 230sqm odd of living space and that again is minus verandas etc...

Fortunately loss of income didn't comes into play for us as it might have for you, as we are farmers and we only built or mainly built during the off times in our lives, albeit I know there is still a value on time but living on the property meant we cound walk over to the build site anytime we wanted.

As for rules and regs, there were two things that our inspector told us we were going to have to change and if not for my doggedness to check, in other words go over his head and query it with the VBA here in Victoria, we would have spent unnecessary thousands of dollars for something he was in fact totally wrong about.

1st case in point, having an indoor pool, the moment we went to order the windows and the door, our window guy said immediately he knew the glass had to be safety and any opening windows, two of ours being awning, had to have a restricted access of 100mm, exactly the same measurement for pool safety fencing too. The door had to have a self closing mechanism and the handle like a pool fence had to be at 1.5m in height. So we went ahead and bought the windows, door etc... and installed it.

When the inspector arrived and looked at it all, he said "this won't do you will have to put bars on the windows and further to that you will have to install a secondary access point with pool fencing inside the first door"!!

Of course I sort of smiled initially and said you're joking arent you and he said absolutely not, the rules were clear BUT he hadn't read the rules properly either because most pools are not totally indoors, in other words outside with some walls or barriers but essentially not in the home or perhpas to explain it clearer, not in a ROOM of it's own. Our pool was the first thing that was installed, before the frame, floor, anything but for the foundations and foundation bricks for the cladding and has four walls and a roof and that is where the rules differed, just that it was completely enclosed with no other possible access point but the one door.

Turned out as I suspected the restricted window chains were deemed adequate given the access was no more of less than that of a pool safety fence and because the door was the only access into the pool, we didn't need any further barriers. I got all this in writing and sent it too him, he probably wasn't happy that I went over his head but sometimes you do have to question things and thank goodness I did!!

The pictures below show our pool already insitu with no sign of a house around it and the finished pool and last pic shows the frame going up.


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