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Tanya Selever

This is a great solution for using space under a laundry sink. The slide out laundry basket is stainless steel, so no rust. The bottom mount basket on the other side makes everything accessible so no need to dig at the bottom of the cabinet.

Here is a link with more info...

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Katy M
I put mine in my basement. I had a contractor put up a few walls to carve out a space for me. Instead of painting the walls, I covered them in travel posters.
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I live in a 1970s rustic cottage which might have been a holiday home. The rooms are tiny but the forested outlook is breathtaking. It's also very dusty. I really like the emerging country style kitchen and laundry, deep, off-white, ceramic sinks. Instead of hiding my laundry behind a cupboard in my bathroom (which would make the bathroom even darker than it already is) I have decided to make a feature of it by embracing times past. As soon as the bathroom door is open, the window at the end of the room is the first thing you see. That is where I intend to have my country sink with antique-styled brass taps, a broad, pendant light and strong, raw, wooden windowsill and a matching shelf on the side wall. I quite agree with the writer of this article that it is best to have washing machine and dryer at non-bending height; I will have mine on the side wall side by side with a matching strong, raw, wooden benchtop. The bath is behind a wall and I will choose an antique style for that, too. Just like my grandparents. Texture and style! Thank you for reading this; I have been planning this for months and am now able to go ahead!


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