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When you are sick having a bath warms the body, or cools the body like no shower can. When you want to get away from the family, a good book, some good music or even to watch a good movie, taking a bath can and is a relaxing thing. In colder areas a fire place would be nice.

Freestanding baths are supposed to be set off walls to enable cleaning, but i find the distance not quite enough to accomplish that task, so if getting a free standing bath, make sure you have the space for them, if not there are some wonderful tubs out there for all tastes, which are attached to a wall.

Having a view is ideal, but one can create a view if you have a window which comes low enough and the skills to transform an outside space into a garden, French or sliding doors would be a better solution if on the ground floor. As per always a good garden only enhances indoor space.

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I couldn't live without a bath. In my next house we're putting a Japanese style bath in the ensuite. Compact but perfectly formed, looking on to a private, screened garden. My idea of heaven.
Regular bath in the main bedroom though.
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Fiona Murray
We are having the best of both worlds in our new build. A luxurious shower in the ensuite and then a hot tub in the private courtyard which is accessed from the master bedroom

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