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Would you consider building a home using Passive Solar Design?

My Architect
9 years ago
Passive solar design is actually a fundamental part of good design. A passive solar house captures the sun’s energy and slowly releases that heat throughout the day to condition the house, without using fossil fuel or mechanical devices. It’s a fundamental factor we'll always consider in developing the Master Plan for your new home or renovation.

The benefits?
• With skilful design, you’ll gain a more comfortable home that’s less wasteful of space, with less ‘dead’ areas to heat and cool and with less impact on your wallet.
• No amount of straw bale building, solar panels or recycled materials can compete with the benefits of reducing the size of that 40 square house you’re planning and orientating/designing it carefully.
• Better ambiance of indoor spaces through good indoor air quality, illumination, thermal conditions and acoustics.

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