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Need advice for wooden flooring

9 years ago

We currently have narrow black butt floor boards through our house which have gone orange with an oil finish and we do not like. We have built a parents retreat with stairs going from downstairs front entrance up through the area with black butt flooring (kitchen dining area) to the parents retreat. My partner and I are in disagreement about the wood to have on the stairs from entrance up to parents retreat and in parents retreat. He wants to put wide black butt boards, then re-sand existing floor its passing and do the lot in a water based matt finish (promises me it won't go orange). I don't want to put wood I don't like through the rest of the house... I love some of the Oaks in wide boards (American and some of the french oaks). My hubby thinks too different esp as we have spotted gum kitchen work benches that the stairs are near and spotted gum deck off this area. Our house has beautiful north light and views of ocean and district so our style is natural, with warm grey and off white-tones (not creamy) natural fabrics with pops of colour from art and cushions etc and letting the view do the talking... Can anyone help with flooring options?? Can post photo if that helps :) Has anyone seen finishing options for blackout that could make me love it?

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