Finishing off the mirror bedroom — Side Tables & Lamps?

August 16, 2015
last modified: August 17, 2015

This is the guest room, featuring 2 large silver mirrors as bedheads. I am planning on having the whole room painted deep navy and getting a crystal chandelier to add the light. once the room is painted we will hang the mirrors to make sure they are flush against the wall and wont fall on our guests heads!

But - I need to get bedside tables. I was thinking of maybe silver? to match the mirrors but cannot find anything that will look and compliment the design of the room? Also matching lamps but what colours? (the white chest of draws is just a temporary thing until i can find the right bedsides)

suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  • Brandi Nash Hicks
    I think the chest could work as is by incorporating some cream accents and the wood color in the room ,if you paint all the walls navy the curtains will blend? Try BM hale navy it is a great navy
  • Carla

    Will the room look too heavy if you paint the walls navy? It will make the room quite dark. The chandelier will look nice. Silver bedsides would work, but white would too. Have you thought about hanging a single mirror landscape above the bed? See below. Can't wait to see the end result. Good luck. :-)


    Noe Valley Three · More Info

    Care Free Willows- Bedroom · More Info

  • mariajgray

    A pair of white bedside tables with mirror inserts could work well.

    Eva Bedside Table · More Info

  • KK1000
    I think 2 mirrors is to much,one hung the other way would be enough just above the pillow line. If you paint walls navy you might have to go for lighter colour bed linen like all white. Mirrors are beautiful I am sure you can use the other one somewhere else in the house.
  • team_rayner

    I like the idea but think it can be improved on. Like the others say navy walls and curtains would be too heavy. I like navy walls so maybe choose some light curtains with a blue in them, even some sheer would look good with silver in and a blind behind? I actually like the idea of a mirror bedhead, its different but I don't think the 2 work as well as maybe one large mirror. I think to move one landscape is defeating what it is you are trying to achieve, which is something a little bit eclectic..... I like it! I keep thinking off all the dust that will gather on the frame of both mirrors too......;-O You could stick with silver, blue and white/cream or for your lamps add a dash of colour, maybe yellow.....?!

  • team_rayner

    I like the idea of one mirror as the headboard - not hung high above the bed as a mirror, the top picture Carla sent is nice.

  • chandlerpauline

    The room is too dark already without adding navy blue walls to the mix. The two mirrors look too big and awkward with that thick silver frame. I think the room is begging for something much lighter eg silver rattan bedhead with similar bedsides tables and some white or perky coloured bedside chandelier lamps. A bright modern print or original painting in abstract form would be a great lift to the tone of the room. One or two cushions on the bed in the contrasting colour of the print - I'm thinking red, bright green, yellow or pink would liven up the bed look. One of the mirrors could be propped on the floor in the corner of the room for a more funky and casual look.

  • chandlerpauline

    I would like to see the finished room. I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful as I can see the quality of the materials you are working with now.

  • fay_delany

    Mirrors too heavy. perhaps navy bedhead wall with one mirror,with a mirror frame, hung horizontally would be beautiful with your chandelier.More ivory and matching throw and cushions to finish off , perhaps in aquamarine,,,,,,

    Don't forget mirror cleaning!!,,,

  • Monique Yovich
    I dont like the 2 mirrors, I agree with the other comments, one mirror hung above the bed.
  • kooky_karen

    Navy blue walls - guests might feel claustrophobic as the room will feel like it is closing in on them.

    As has been suggested, maybe a navy blue bedhead and place one mirror above it.

    For bedside tables, I think something like the one below would go well with the mirror. And for the lamps - why not throw in a contrasting colour.

  • bigreader
    I love the mirrors but you only need one.
  • shinyhappypeople
    this is going to be a lovely bedroom. I think that your walls are letting you down. choose either a deeper shade of blue for drama (and night time darkness), or a contrasting/complementary colour. there's nothing wrong with having two mirrors, but they are letting you down by not being fixed securely to the wall. a great big silver/crystal or Venetian glass chandelier would finish your look. better to go over the top on everything, I say.
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  • J
    The room looks great! I'd love to be a guest there. The planned dark walls will look good. I think your side tables are an opportunity to either go more luxe (mirrored side tables) or keep on trucking (silver) or perhaps a little boho (cane)? Or even a touch of rustic or industrial...
  • denisreno

    Do what I did - paint some side tables or drawers with silver paint (spray is easy) and then pop a mirror tile on top to reflect the light. It will match your mirrors and is easy and inexpensive to do. You can get some cheap drawers from the Salvos or somewhere similar - too easy - and you accomplish something over the weekend that looks good.

  • fay_delany

    A guest bedroom should be inviting and relaxing but walking into a room

    with dbl. lge mirrors and seeing yourself twice on every occasion is not my

    idea of inviting. The chest is nice, how does that tone with the bedset?

    Could that be put on the wall opposite the curtains, add new crystal knobs

    and put a tiny chair offside with it and a small picture above with timber frame.How about a quilted beadhead in med. weight fabric to match the

    colour in the quilt (not navy) and do you need tables each side of bed?

    Don't know room size. Don't change things except for some plain cushions,

    some to match a small lamp.

    And please, no silver paint! :-(

    a quilted bedhead in

  • luvbirds

    thanks for all your comments. I know the room is quiet OTT but that's what I like ... I think the two mirrors sitting flushed against the wall will be ok .. the Blue curtain is just an old one that was already there but can be changed.... im thinking I am going to get plain glass bedsides with white lamps. Then I'll decide on the wall colour. I think with the right lighting the room will look amazing and WOW factor. Yes it will be dark but the chandelier can always be turned on :)

  • mariajgray
    I'm with you,luv birds, go for it. Be brave, follow your instinct. If you decide two mirrors are one too many, take one down. If you decide the walls are too dark, it is only paint after all. I hope it goes well and you post the finished look for us to see.
  • wuff
    I with luvbird go for it,I think if you are OTT just go for it. I think the navy and chandelier will be very exotic- I have a pink dining room that polarises people, just please yourself, if the paint is wrong, you can paint is only paint. I would love to see after, your home should reflect you.
  • wuff
    Sorry mariajgray, just read your post, with you all the way. I like different homes and decorating ideas, it is ok to be beige and it is ok to funky. I like funky, it is what you remember, there is a great house featured in Houzz that was very exotic, with dark and taxidermy etc, I think in Melbourne- I often think of that house and think wow!!
  • simone_k

    Go dark and exotic! Great pieces but remember when people sit up and lean back , they will end up leaning on the mirror. Not comfortable or safe.

  • KK1000
    We can't see what is on the opposite wall from the mirrors,if you have a large wall you could have one mirror directly opposite the one above the bad and that would bounce light around the room and it would be great with navy blue walls . Just a thought.
  • rna1962
    Check this out: they only used the dark blue on one wall and it looks great.