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Help with bathroom plans... for 4 children (2m2f) 8yrs between them

8 years ago

Hi all

We are planning a demo and rebuild. It's been a slow process with 2 extra children being added to the mix over the time :-). Thankfully we hadn't rushed into a 3-4 bed with just 1 living!

Anyway I think we've almost completed the floor plans of a 2 x split level home. I need some help from you HOUZZ'ERS as to how best layout the kids bathroom spaces. We've put all the kids bedrooms together and they have access to an extra toilet down a 1/2 flight of stairs. I am wanting to use the 2 spaces named BATH to allow the kids to get ready simultaneously., some kind of open plan?? The bathroom dimensions are not marked on the plan, however the plan is 1:100 @a3. I'm wanting to include 2 vanities with plenty of storage (thinking 2 teenage girls), 1 shower over bath (still have toddlers), 1 separate shower and a separate toilet, if there is space for a linen cupboard that would be fantastic, otherwise I can find an alternative by sneaking space into the end of the hall.

I would also love to hear any other thoughts you might have about the floor plans, improvements, mistakes, errors!! ??? We only get once chance at this!! :-)

Thanks Emma

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