Kitchen Tiled splash back colour?

November 7, 2015

I am in need of some advice - we are finally at the last stages of completing our kitchen - its taken 2 years to decide on flooring which is finally being done in a
couple of weeks. I can't decide on a colour/style for the splash back tiles - my husband thinks go red, and as much as I love red I'm thinking of resale at a later date and also that it may be a bit too much! I can't find any tiles I actually like and starting to think plain white, although this may be too much as well. Although it doesn't come out well in the photo the walls are a very pale grey. Any advice or suggestions would be VERY appreciated. Thanks

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  • jmm1837

    You could go for a backsplash the same colour as the wall and use red accents , or go for the red splashback. Personally, although l normally prefer neutrals, I'd go for the red. The thing is, do you want to live with a compromise for years on the off chance buyers sometime in the future might prefer something else?

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  • dohraime

    I agree! Go for what you love. Down the track at resale time, if you feel it's too dated then, there are many splash back materials that can be applied right over top of tile.

    Is it just the area behind the cook top that will be tiled?

    I think anything will feel like "too much" at first if you've become accustomed to how it currently is. It's like when you paint a room. It can feel overwhelming at first until you begin to put furniture and decor back in place.

    A simple way to trial colours is to tack up some wrapping paper, fabric, contact paper (backing left on) or whatever you find that has a colour you think could work. Try use things with different sheen/gloss. Even paint a board and prop it there. Leave for a few hours and see what does and doesn't work for you.

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  • dohraime

    For a contemporary look, here's an example of similar tile used in 2 different layouts.

    Modern kitchen · More Info

    Regency Apartment Complex Kitchen · More Info

    You can use coloured grouts too, change the overall look. Like with this red tile and grey grout.

    Bernal Heights Remodel: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bath and Stairs · More Info

    I saw some great vintage tiles online this weekend. That's another option to look into if what you've seen so far doesn't grab you.

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  • LouieT

    Red glass splash back, why not? It might be easier to change later on or look at the Laminex Metalline range too, there is another query on the dilemma page about it.

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  • Susan Clark

    We put in a glass splashback with Dulux Roasted Capsicum behind. HATE grout... anywhere but esp in the kitchen. I love reds too, but the 'foodie' colour of the Roasted Capsicum... which is a rich orange-red... gets positively commented on by everyone who visits. Even those who urged us to go with the beige/off-white/mocha beforehand.

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  • trish063

    Thanks everyone - the full wall behind the stove top is to be tiled and possibly on the sides and then dropping to lower around the window. I'm now thinking that maybe have the red on the back wall and white on the sides and around the window? Thanks dohraime for the idea of tacking up some coloured paper or fabric - I will be trying that one definitely!

  • jmm1837

    I think you'd be better off going all one colour, whether you go for red or white, just not both. Or come up with a different color entierely if you can't quite deal with red - but I would choose a colour that gives the kitchen some pizzazz.

  • juliahocking


    Perhaps I am too late to comment, but have you thought of using red and white in horizontal stripes? Get the tiler to alternate the rows of tiles as they are laid for an outstanding tile job. As there is not a huge area it will not overwhelm!

    Have fun.