Boring backyard is asking for a makeover!

Nathan Ganapathy
3 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hey lovely people, I'm planning to give some life and colors to my small backyard. Requesting your opinions and ideas please. I am attaching some photos here. The area is roughly 6m X 3m (front) and 1.5m X 4m on the side of a deck. (The shed will be gone soon)

Fence paint : walpamur fence paint - Grey color?

Deck Paint: Red Mahogany? 2 coats may be.

Hanging garden on the front area. (on the fence) - not sure if it is a good idea?

Pave the area in front of the deck with some blue stone tiles. - style /color - totally confused with too many choices!

Large (Black) potted plants on the side with polished pebbles (light brown / white shade) around the pots and not paving.

Can I achieve this with a 3k budget? Any other ideas are greatly welcome! Thanks in advance.

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