Looking for advice for kitchen colour scheme

2 years ago
Hi! Only recently heard about this app. I'd appreciate a bit of guidance here.

Kitchen is going in at the end of the month. Benchtop is locked in but I've got to give my final colour choices for joinery and tiles this week. Tiles will have to have white grout.

I'll attach the inspiration photos and our kitchen layout will be similar to the one with the herring bone backsplash.

We're having a Frosty Carrina stone bench top, based on advice here I'm going to look at Dulux Wairakei Qtr or Snowy Mountains.

I would like to hear opinions on the two colours above and also suggestions for the colour I should use for the island?

For tiles, I've seen Sonoma - Bossy Grey subway tiles suggested and think they look good. But I'm not sure where I could find this type of tile in Sydney.

How do you think this will all come together?

Thanks in advance.

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