Ideas needed for my living-room makeover

April 17, 2018
last modified: May 3, 2018

I'd like to add a modern, classy touch to my living room but I am short of ideas because of the brown leather sofas. I am open to adding/subtracting items,rugs,lamps,paint scheme etc but I cannot get rid of the sofa set and the tables as we just got them lol.All ideas are welcome! :)

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    For starters I would replace the two rugs with a single, generously sized rug that is more in keeping with the proportion with the room. Re-arrange the brown leather sofas and chairs, so that they are not hard up against the wall, but arranged around your central coffee table. Think about the focal point of the room - is is a fireplace, a view, or a TV? Arrange the furniture to relate to this focus.

    At the moment your room has the charm of a hospital waiting room with the arrangement of the couches and the harsh lighting. By re-arranging so that they are facing each other will mean that the room will look more social, and be more conducive to conversation.

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    Once the furniture arrangement works on your new rug you can look at softer elements such as scatter cushions, throws, artwork, and better wall lights to make the room say welcome.

    Best of luck with your re-arranging,


    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

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  • bakhtawer

    Thank you so much!I will take these into account for sure! Can you also suggest me what colour scheme would compliment the furniture? I am planning to paint the walls and have a geometrical rug! Thank you! :)

  • Jan Dobson
    I can’t claim the experience of Dr Retro but in regards wall colour, I’d steer clear of white or cream. There are some gorgeous, just there (I.e. pale, pale, pale) taupe and cafe au lait colours that would work. If your rug picked up a similar colour in the pattern that would help tie it together. And then choose a vibrant ‘pop’ colour. The right shade of purple, maybe? Or warm red?

    Big, big artwork with this colour included. Modern lamp(s). And narrow table or shelving with decorative pieces. And definitely take Dr Retro’s advice about seating arrangement.

    Are the windows near the area? Your curtains/blind choices will also have an effect on your colour and design choices and don’t forget the adjoining rooms. You’ve certainly come to the right place. Houzz is bursting with inspiration
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  • julie herbert
    I agree with above comment, a large rug will tie it all together, some beautiful artwork on the walls, gorgeous lamp, textured cushions and throw, a fur on couch would look great, gorgeous room
  • julie herbert
    Add a tray on your coffee table with candles and some metallic vases to add a luxurious look, you could rearrange lamps to add a taller lamp to balance the room
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  • bakhtawer

    Hi Jan! Thanks tonnes! I am just attaching a photo of the curtains to give you an idea.I can't change the curtains so will have to adjust the paint colour scheme according to it.I am attaching a photo of them.AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT

  • bakhtawer

    Hello Julie!Thank you sooo much for taking the time out!!! The pictures really gave me a vision and a clear plan to go about the living room :)

  • legendaryflame
    I agree you need a tall lamp to provide some height.
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  • siriuskey

    It is definately looking like a dance hall at the moment, where's the TV, what other spaces does it join with. You need some large decent wall candy, big rug, big lamps, wood furniture for warmth cheers

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  • Jan Dobson
    We’ve all been a bit blunt about your room’s current state but wanted to say, I love your ceiling. It’s just gorgeous and your room will be too with a few tweaks. Don’t forget to post more pix, more information results in much more detailed help
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  • bakhtawer

    Thank you all! I will post the pictures soon once I am done and will keep you guys updated on the progress!

  • bakhtawer

    Thank you Jan! Needed a little motivation

  • Veronica Waring
    Such a blank canvas to work with, which makes things easier. I agree with moving furniture off the walls, if you bring a few around to where the photo was taken from it will make the area more cozy and inviting.

    You should keep the walls a neutral colour (sticking with pale taupes) and add pops of colour with your furnishings, that way as fashion changes its a lot easier to change your colour scheme.

    Are there any colour you don’t like? Given the neutral palette you have there’s a few different colors you can go for. You can stick to all neutrals, or go with a navy/neutral scheme, or go a bit more risqué with a dark turquoise and pink. Navy and yellow are in at the moment which would look nice with a grey, or even a forest green. I would steer clear of paining a dark feature wall though, the room looks quite dark so you would want to keep the walls as light as you can.

    Agree with the comments on getting a new rug and some floor lamps. And definitely some greenery, as this always freshens up the look and feel of a room.

    Do you have another room where you could put a few of the couches? Only reason I ask is a different style occasional chair would help break up the room a bit, but understand if this is not an option. There are definitely a lot of things you could do already that will change the look of the room completely. Good luck!
  • annb1997

    I agree your room is a wonderful canvas to work with. Love all the sage advice. May I add that some lush potted plants in raised timber planters would look great, be healthy, and help raise the eye upward. Julie, maybe you can add some photos of the ones I'm referring to? They are the best! Cheers.

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    Bluethumb Online Art Gallery

    Hi bakhtawer,

    Megan here from Bluethumb online art gallery. I agree with Dr Retro that your space just needs some personality! A larger rug would tie all the furniture together much better than the 2 smaller rugs. Adding some height will give dimension to the room, and some soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and decor items will add the personality. At the moment it's all one colour, so I'd just suggest picking an accent colour and perhaps a complementary one to add extra depth.

    Your walls are also quite bare, so adding some large pieces of art will also add a touch of personality and panache.

    I've created a list of some large artworks (above 150cm on the long side) that I think could work really well, or alternatively, in our most recent newsletter we focused on large artworks -

    I've gone and mocked up the last option, by popular artist Emily Lauro for you:

    As I'm not sure of your budget, I've included a variety of price points. I would suggest picking your accent colours after your artwork, as larger art pieces can be expensive and it would look great if your decor matched.

    Don't hesitate to get in contact if you want to see any others mocked up!

    Hope this helps.

  • siriuskey

    If you had a floor plan to post that would really help to make suggestions on how you might like to lay the room out using those very comfortable lounges. You have plenty of space to work with but we just need to see where the doorways windows are positioned as well cheers

  • julie herbert
    A few gorgeous planters
  • Melbourne44 Musk

    The larger rug is essential to build around but DO NOT USE BROWN.

    there are many natural rugs around...hemp and other . If you must have soft rug make sure it has a bit of brown in it to match with couches but the rug should be light natural tone. I have heaps of lamps around....I avoid using overhead lighting unless Im painting the ceiling. Lamps can also be at varying heights. The other solution I use is to have many hanging lights at different heights and in relation to furniture. I can make several different spaces in my one space, using lighting .

  • celerygirl

    I would get bigger rug, new modern lamps, wall art and couple chairs/poufs. Your side table is too close to sofa on the right side.

  • celerygirl



  • JE C
    Celerygirl, that's really good, love your work again :)
  • bigreader
    It really is all about the rug isn’t it. Really sets the tone of the room but must must must be large enough the old standard 160x230 is really a bathmat. Then the art. Thank god I’ve done the rug part in most of my house it’s one of the hardest parts of putting a room together.
  • Zoe Wilkinson

    Art art art and taller lamps. good luck. Big rug to ground the room.

  • legendaryflame
    Celerygirl, I looked at your picture and went wow! I love your taste and your photoshop (or whatever ☺ ) skills! Love what you have done!
  • celerygirl

    I want to give one note to bakhtawer If you can not get one big size rug, you can go with two, just put them close enough to each other.

  • 6elsie

    julie herbert where did you find that lamp photo - I think I need one of those lamps!

  • julie herbert
    Hi 6elsie,
    It’s gorgeous isn’t it, it’s from Luminarias , it’s called Luminaria Lume
  • racytl

    If you can't afford the size rug this room really needs (looks like would be custom size) then consider getting a carpet store to make your rug in the correct size. There are lots of softer wool and textured carpets and they can put a binding around the edges. Dont do brown !

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