HELP ! Light fitting doesn’t look right

Lidija Cevenini
June 29, 2018
Please help! Isn’t this suppose to sit flush to the ceiling? It just doesn’t look right to me. How can this sit flush to the ceiling? What do I need to do to get this looking flush? Please help! Thank you so much for advise

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  • oklouise

    it looks like it has ventilation holes? on the side and is not meant to be flush to the there an alternate model in the same brand?...check with supplier and electrician

  • julie herbert
    I agree with oklouise, I have seen others similar to yours, it looks a beautiful light fitting but if you are not happy the supplier may be able to rectify the problem
  • Nicole A

    I was keen on that same light fitting. Was told that it cannot be flush to ceiling or it would be a fire hazard. It is beautiful - perhaps in a little while you won't even notice the bit attached to the ceiling? Otherwise, as Julie suggested, you may prefer to exchange for something else.

  • Lidija Cevenini
    Oh really??? ... a electrician said there is a way to make it flush
  • Nicole A

    That's great news Lidija. I was letting you know what I was told at Beacon Lighting when I enquired about the same issue, but glad to hear your electrician thinks otherwise, and you will get the outcome you want :)

  • Lidija Cevenini
    Thanks Nicole. I also called becon yesterday to ask about the fire hazard and they said that if I asked a electrician they may have another alternative. Fingers crossed