vanity spacing in bathroom renovation

last year

Hi everyone,

A recent leak in our bathroom has us grabbing the opportunity for a full renovation. We will be removing the bath to give us a larger shower (in the current bath alcove) and room for a larger vanity. The vanity is giving us issues at the moment - we're struggling with what will be both functional and also look sensible. We prefer the idea of a wall hung unit and definitely want a single right-offset sink.

We sat with a consultant at Reece who drew up our ideas and she suggested a 1500mm vanity, and we love the idea of that much surface area. However once we moved it along the wall to allow room for a hand towel between shower and vanity, it leaves a gap of approx 180mm between the vanity and left hand wall. A towel rack on the wall will overlap the vanity. Our concern with this plan is that we also need a stool of some sort in the room so it would probably 'float' in front of the towel rank, blocking the last door/drawer of the vanity.

If we instead went for a 1200mm vanity there would be a gap to the wall of approx 480mm, making room for a stool to live between the vanity and wall. However I am concerned that that size gap will make the vanity look a bit 'lost' on the wall and create an awkward-looking 'dead' corner.

Another option is a custom unit - either an intermediate width like 1300 or 1350 to give us a just-useable gap to the wall, or a 1500mm width modified to fit the stool underneath. I've been trying to avoid this option to save costs, but am willing to listen to arguments one way or the other.

The photo below is of the current bathroom (taken from the doorway). The plans are with a 1500mm vanity or 1200mm vanity. The 3D plans have been useful, but I feel like this one decision could really change the functionality and feel of the room, and I feel a bit stuck. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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