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curtains for my open plan living space

5 years ago

Ikea Lejongap at night it looks very cream, doesn't look that way in store. There are 4 panels here. would probably use the invisible tracks.

Ikea Lenda curtain. Can't see through this one

Not my furniture here but will do the slider not the short window

The kitchen is directly behind the white sofa

Linseed colours in the kitchen. I didn't pick these. I bought the house this way.

I have an open plan living/dining/kitchen area. On the windows are roller blinds that will stay put. I want to add curtains to the sliding doors on either end of the space. I was thinking of sheer linen curtains so that I could see out but not live in a fish bowl with the neighbours looking in. I have looked at Freedom Furniture, Pottery Barn and Ikea linens. Ikea is the only place that will let me try and return if not happy. Something is not right. I have put up the Lejongap curtain but it gives the feeling of a funeral parlour. I'm happy to employ an interior designer to help me with the issue. I have scoured Instagram for my favourite looks but they don't seem to transfer into my small space. I am a fan of the designer Natasha Levak. If she lived in Brisbane I would employ her! Please advise on what I'm not quite seeing or recommend curtains or a decorator to help. Between Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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