Advice PLEASE! Design of entrance, garden and parking court.

January 20, 2019

Hi everyone, We have been going through a renovation of our home for the last 12 months and have finally worked our way to the front of the house. We are trying to achieve a contemporary tropical feel, we are located at the Gold Coast. Presently, guest have to enter the house by walking past the garages. Not an exciting entrance! What we would like to do is create a separate entrance for guest through a gate house as shown in the photo. We have two 18 yr olds with 2 additional cars, so we wanted to push the existing retaining wall back and create a parking court between the house and the front fence. We could also remove a portion of the fence for easier access into the courtyard. The property is higher at the front and slopes down to the back of the property. A water feature would be a nice addition. Please advise on garden planting, driveway materials and retaining wall. The columns at the front of the house, should we use stone, tile or timber, they will be squared. The house is painted South Pole and has accents of Monument (charcoal grey). I am looking forward hearing your suggestions.

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  • oklouise

    gorgeous house and will be so much better with some suitable landscaping but, unless you think guests would be comfortable walking up and down the slope, i suggest that entry should be from the driveway with the extra parking area dug out of the slope at the right hand side of the driveway (as seen from the street) and have the gate house to the right of the garage with shade and screening trees and retaining walls stepped up the slope and screening shrubs between the parking area and front garden ...choice of materials and plants should have been suggested in your original landscape plans but an oval shaped lawn with formal symmetrical planting and a wide sunken lily pond in lawn feels like it would complement the house and cool the entry

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  • julie herbert
    Gorgeous house, great ideas from oklouise, have a look also at landscape designer Dean Herald , he does fabulous tropical gardens, you could pick up , some great ideas for your beautiful house , Peter Fudge is worth a look also.
  • wade12

    Thank you, Oklouise. I really like the fresh idea of symmetry for the entrance and the additional parking moved towards the street. We will try to incorporate these new suggestions.

    Julie, Dean Harold must be my favourite landscape designer, I have tried to emulate some of his work into the al fresco area of our house, I will post later when finished. I will investigate Peter Fudge, thank you for the suggestion.