Bathroom timber vanity colour change suggestions

January 31, 2019
Looking for some suggestions ... We recently commissioned a Blackbutt timber vanity for our new bathroom. The result is gorgeous but the colour isn’t what we had expected - it was supposed to be blonde and it’s come in quite red toned (I think they may have used an oil based sealant).

Regardless, I think it clashes with the other elements in the space - terrazzo, tiles and grey paint. I’d love to hear some suggestions on what we could do to fix this.

Would sanding it and resealing with a water based sealant lessen the red tone? Our floors are also Blackbutt (water-based) and they aren’t red. Is water-based possible to use in a wet area?

Or should we re-paint the grey area? Current colour is Stepney (Dulux) but i’m not sure what would pull the various colours together more.

Would love to hear some suggestions, thanks so much.

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  • Leonie Castle
    Hi Maria, I see what you mean as I too had blackbutt floors laid and was surprised to see mostly red and not the lighter blackbutt that I was expecting and I have grey floor tiles that butt up to the floor as shown here in these two photos. The difference being that they are two separate zones and yours is one zone. I would suggest a lighter grey on the walls and perhaps a mirror above the basin that has the same wood tone above. Everything then should compliment each other.
  • JE C
    Could you try more of a greige on the wall? The rest of the room works fine with the redder tone.
  • mariaodwyer85
    Hi both, thanks for your suggestions. Leonie, it’s annoying isn’t it?! Our floors are definitely more blonde in tone though (they are water based) so I think it must be something in the sealant, and obviously they chose darker planks than we’d asked for too unfortunately. I’ll have a look at some greige colours too - I did wonder if I should go heaps darker (almost a charcoal?) to balance it out too but I’m not sure that would be right. Thanks again for your help!
  • C P
    I think it looks fine (there is certainly no clash in photo). love with it for a while and if you still think it doesn't work after 3 months then change wall colour. Think about towel colour instead.
  • C P
    And I assume you're having a mirror there as well?
    If framing it have a black edge.