Would love your kitchen storage suggestions

ruby tran
February 13, 2019
last modified: February 14, 2019

Hi everyone, I hope you are able to help me with some storage design ideas. I have a wall in my dining room needing so extra storage/pantry so thinking cupboards to match my existing kitchen cupboards, however I have the following dilemmas:

- custom profile doors are not within my budget
- the location where I need new cupboards storage have 2 power point outlets against the wall and we will lose access to it if any cabinets has a backboard
- there is a roller blind on the left hand side with the drawstring on the end corner of the room. By having a cupboard that takes up the width of the room (2.5m) would make it abit hard to reach the drawstring to pull up/down the blinds.

I've looked around and is consider the PAX system from IKEA as they have the space we have can cater for a 60cm depth.

Would anyone have any suggestion on cupboard designs to solve the above dilemmas and the following specs:

Height: 240cm
Depth: 60cm
Width: 250cm

I would love to have some display/open shelves but can't seem to find anything suitable in IKEA.

Thank you in advance.

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  • oklouise

    to access the power point through a backboard cut a matching hole in the backboard to access the power point and add a small extension cord to have the power in a more convenient location but storage depends on what you need to store but try the PAX wardrobe (1500 wide x 2100 high) with extra shelves plus a freestanding chest of drawers eg Malm 80 wide to leave a small gap at the window wall for the blinds and use wall hung open shelves and don't forget to secure the wardrobe and drawers to the wall...if you prefer the chest of drawers to be the same depth as the wardrobe you could add an extra counter on top of the drawers (Ikea and Bunnings sell custom cut counters in various colours but consider having the chest of drawers and/or the wall shelves in different colour for constrast and matching knobs or handles to doors and drawers

  • bigreader
    Building on oklouise’s ideas. You could do a row of three Ikea Malm drawers, topped with a wooden benchtop from Bunnings to draw it together. Then three rows of shelves above. The ones with hidden fixings notched to the same width.

    BUT if it was me I’d be saving or searching for a beautiful dresser and then topped with art.
  • PRO
    Janes Interior Design
    and building on oklouise ideas again.... look at stylkea.com for amazing finishing ideas to IKEA products
  • bigreader
    These are Ikea Besta units. I’ve always thought I’d use this idea someday. Heaps more inspo in Pintrest. Hard to know what look you’re after but wall hung is a very clean look that suits many styles.
  • ruby tran
    thanks everyone for your comments!
  • sandhya menon
    You could also have a TV. console at the bottom as shown by bigreader and just stack angled shelves (all white everything) stacked to the top that way you can have open shelving and console units will generally have cut-outs at the back from which you could connect an extender to your plug point. Since the shelves are angled and open it won't hinder your drawstring as well.