Help with layout: Small cottage with extended room

March 14, 2019

It is a 1960s style house, the floor plan is the garden facing West, the entrance is facing south. L shaped verandah wraps around the front. Entrance opens up to the small front living room with the kitchen space to the right, corridor straight ahead leading to two smallish rooms and a small central bathroom.

The extension is a small, rectangle shaped room that can act as a small living room and study desk on the other end.

In the front living area, there is a fire place (not in use anymore). I was thinking putting french doors to the right of the fire place to open up to verandah and garden to help create illusion of space.

Not sure what to do about layout, where to put furniture. Any suggestions greatly appreciated :)

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  • oklouise

    is the central hallway 2m wide x 4m long with five doorways and the new living space is about 2m deep and 11m long? we need dimensions of every room and location of windows and doors

  • bigreader
    I love the idea of French doors. Would you be able to block off that gap in the lounge wall? That would give a workable corner for furniture arrangements. What do you use the room for?
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  • vabellc

    I hope the added notes with windows and dimensions clarify my rough sketch. Approximate dimensions at this stage as we have not moved in yet. Please note toilet is also laundry.

    I have also added another photo so you can see that the gap in the lounge room (on the left in the photo) is actually a sliding door as it used to be a third bedroom. I love the idea of blocking that off to create a lounge space, and then french doors parallel. Thank you!

  • bigreader
    You’ll get some wonderful ideas here from our plan gurus but you may need to wait until you can confirm measurements. Eg the extended living room is def wider than two metres. It looks like a great project, good luck.
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  • vabellc

    Okay thank you Bigreader, in my excitement I have perhaps jumped the gun. I will confirm measurements and update shortly.

    Thanks for all your comments thus far!

  • bigreader
    Here’s an inspiration pic. You could fill in the doorway with something like this.
  • PRO

    What an exciting project! I think double french doors to the verandah and garden would be lovely (and symmetrical). I have seen this done and it definitely brings the garden in. You could use the colour scheme from the garden for your living area...with the fireplace restored to working order, beautiful!

    The extension area appears to be facing north/east and would make a beautiful area for study/TV/plants!

    I also like the closing off solution as suggested by big reader.

    Lucky you! So much potential!

  • vabellc
    Thank you so much, as I was feeling overwhelmed and doubtful of what we could do. Your comment is very reassuring!
  • legendaryflame
    No suggestions to offer. Just wanted to say, I love your cottage! It is cute and has a lovely 'feel'.
  • vabellc

    UPDATE! Specific measurements as sketched below.

    Would love ideas on layout and anything else, particularly for:

    Extension room (tv/lounge area; dining; study)

    Main bedroom (no walk-in wardrobe so any ideas on wardrobe design, positioning of furniture)

    Living area 1 (front) - close up gap as suggested by big reader; French doors instead of window

    Bedroom 2 (unsure if keep as guest room, or other suggestions welcome)

    And anything else that you might think!

    Thank you

  • vabellc

    Any thoughts anyone? :)

  • bigreader
    Where is your backyard?
  • vabellc

    To the East of the Extension

  • oklouise

    suggestions need to be based on who will live in the house (numbers, ages, activities?), local climate, distance to fences, views, long term plans, budget and how you like to live...are you only asking for furniture arrangements or want ideas to rearrange rooms, windows and plumbing? the dimensions are inconsistent in your sketches ...the "small" extension is bigger than the original living area and the size of the kitchen is wrong to allow space between benches and access to the plan shows your sketch to scale but we need more information

  • vabellc

    Thanks for sketching that, oklouise! I did my best there but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    A couple in early 30s. Small budget $5k, so looking for layout ideas for rooms and creative design ideas. For example, we already filled the gap in living room as suggested by bigreader - it looks amazing - thank you! I also replaced the black knobs in the kitchen cupboards with white knobs, which blend in with the cupboards and the whole space. Small, cheap, but effective.

    Climate: Mediterranean. 3.5km West to the beach.

    Current questions:

    Bedroom layout (wardrobe ideas?)

    Curtain ideas? - Colour, textures for each room. We are painting all rooms a neutral white.

    Extension: Lounge area (L-shaped sofa, TV) at the North-East corner of room. 6 seat dining table in the middle. Maybe a study desk on the other side.

    Long term plans: Do something with the bathroom and kitchen space.

    Any ideas you might have for anything, open to hearing

  • oklouise

    my suggestions would be to live in the house for the time being to find out how it feels in all seasons and times of the day...i'm wondering if the front verandah is a good space to sit and teh French doors or similar would be better at the rear? in the meantime simple basic free standing or flat pac wardrobes and bookshelves would allow flexible furniture arrangements that can be moved around until you discover what feels most comfortable and i've added some scale sized furniture to show some possible arrangements

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  • vabellc

    Absolutely wonderful, thank you for drawing this up and showing me your ideas. I love the arrangements and I agree on giving it time for further decisions. Thank you for your time :)