Has anyone got a Polar White Franke Sink??

Chris Hughes
March 16, 2019


My wife and I are about to redo our kitchen and she is very keen on putting in a Polar White Franke Sink. I have concerns about it staining and looking rather terrible.

Has anyone put one in? What has been your experience with the white colour over time?

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  • janeromaine

    I’m hoping someone who has had this sink installed for a while answers too.

    My last Franke sink was top of the line stainless steel (there is good ss and crap) and it looked new despite heavy daily use for a decade. I’d love to go with these new material sinks - they look incredibly sleek - but unless I can see one in a kitchen which has had at least a couple of year's use, I’m very reluctant. One stain and I’d be put off.

  • amonymousanne
    Hi, I found these.
  • janeromaine

    Thanks Amonymousanne - this collected feedback has convinced me to go stainless steel again.

    One thing which is mentioned a lot and that is Bar Keepers Friend. For years I had to ask friends from the USA to bring me some when they visited, but recently one of the big Aussie supermarkets has begun to stock it. It's the cleaner which kept my SS sink in my American home looking brand new for years and years.