White Stone Benchtops to match cool white walls. Suggestions please!

March 19, 2019

We are trying to pick a white stone/composite bench top that flows with our Lexicon 1/4 walls.

We don’t want marble look but don’t mind veining.

Our kitchen I was hoping was going to be white top with colour matched painted drawers underneath with charcoal/blue timber veined overheads. (First image, not quite true to colour in photo).

I am having a really hard time finding tops that don’t clash with the walls. They are too warm compared to the walls.

Have attached photo of the kitchen. There will be an island with drawers on the inside between it and window. I can’t change the colour of the walls as it all flows together into an open room. I’d have to repaint the house!! In hindsight I should have chosen the top first then the wall colour!

Any advice greatly appreciated. Third and fourth photo are what I’m trying to achieve.


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