How would you design this space for a bathroom?

September 15, 2019

This space was originally a separate toilet where the small window is and a small bathroom next door. We are thinking of taking the wall down between the toilet and bathroom to make it one space and give the appearance of a bigger bathroom. The toilet as is is not big enough to put a hand basin in so feel this is the best option.

I have posted the floor plan minus the wall but have left the windows and doors where they currently are. I am looking for advice on

A - whether to merge the two rooms

B - window options

C- door options

D- Layout options

So many decisions which I find hard to make......HELP!!

Keen on any ideas. It would be so very much appreciated.

For your info. There is a bedroom on either end of this space, but the bedrooms are small so no room to increase the size of the bathroom unless I was to push it out under the eave of the house.

There is a narrow passage way connecting the 2 bedrooms. There is a double sliding door in this passage way which opens up to the lounge room area.

Help needed for Bathroom design
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