Looking for any ideas/suggestions for kitchen area layout

2 months ago

Hi all,

We are new owners of a house which we certain to renovate the kitchen in the next 3-6 months
The current kitchen is outdated and we are thinking we could like to open it up to an existing dining room next door

We were thinking of knocking through from the kitchen to this area and putting in a walk in pantry/ butlers pantry at the end and also giving the area more space in the kitchen

However I am worried it will make the kitchen less open plan or integrated into the meals and family area by

We would like to somehow include an island bench (if this size space would permit) and am not sure on what works best for layout of sink, wall ovens, induction cooktop and ventilation, fridge and preparation work spaces

We thought we would like to keep the plumbing for the sink at the kitchen window so it wouldn’t need to be moved

We are hoping that living in the space for a bit longer would give us a bit more idea on what might work but we would love any ideas, suggestions or experiences of similar situations, as we are definitely not experienced with things like this.

I have attached the current floor plan and one picture of something similar I found on Instagram with the two windows and a wall between kitchen and pantry which is what we were thinking

Many thanks Alicia

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