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Hi, myself and my partner are trying to finalise a floorplan and we are not sure that we have landed on the right layout. We potentially may look to sell upon completion if we can make some profit, or may keep it as our home as we love our area and the street.

The property is a 4 room sandstone villa, with an existing lean to kitchen/bath/dining that we plan to knock down. The pink details the existing walls. Important aspects to us are a minimum 3 bedrooms, WIR, bathroom and wine storage.

Our primary concerns are....1 our ensuite is 6000mm by 1220mm is this a waste of space? we may be forced to bring one side off the boundary (unsure yet as our neighbours are on boundary) if so having trouble making it all fit, is the walkway behind tv a waste of space (this was so dont have toilet/bath off a living area, and we were going to do it as a bit of a feature wall - thinking dark as floors will be engineered oak).

Thanks Emma!

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