Kitchen design rethink

last month

I would be grateful for ideas re my kitchen design. Cupboards and appliances need replacing so I want to rethink the design and see if there is something that works better.

The room is square (3metres by 3.5 metres) opening to an eating area with a wall of full length windows/sliding door out on to a deck and a large dining table. The kitchen window faces north. The other two walls are brick and I want to largely stay within the existing footprint.

I would like better flow between the kitchen and the eating area e.g. replacing the current high bar with a sit down breakfast bar even if just for two. I would also like more workable bench space, fewer overhead cupboards and more accessible underbench drawers. The supporting pole could possibly be replaced with an overhead beam but this would be costly.

I don’t think there is scope for a ‘butlers pantry’ nook given the dimensions, nor an island arrangement, but would be interested in any suggestions. I currently have a 200mm deep pantry cupboard beside the fridge and find that works very well.

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