A Compact Entertainer’s Backyard Transformation

Living in an inner west bungalow means making the most of all space. The owners of this 3 home wanted to extend the livable space outside to include a functional dining area large enough for entertaining, a relaxing lounge area, and more green space. They wanted to be able to use it during the day and in the evening, so lighting was important. They also wanted to elevate the style factor whilst improving the overall space.

Before: the garden was unplanned with unsightly green metal fencing masked with cheap bamboo sheeting. There was a small dining area, but not much additional living space. The garden was shady, so natural grass was difficult to keep green and grew in patches.


After: We redefined the garden space with some simple plants, such as tall grass and groundcover. We added ‘always-green’ astroturf to define some grassy area. We choose a simple dining set for entertaining that was practical, stylish and suite the space. Additionally, we added sun loungers out the back so the owners and their dogs could enjoy time lounging or reading out back. We replaced the fence with a simple lap-and-cap wood fence, where we could. And, painted the remaining metal fence and wooden fence the same colour grey as the house so that the garden would take centre stage. We also installed consistent lighting throughout the back garden to allow use in the evening hours. The end result was a much more stylish and relaxing garden environment for the owners to enjoy.


Inner West Garden · More Info

Inner West Garden · More Info

Inner West Garden · More Info

Inner West Garden · More Info

The artwork and gardenias break up the space and make this area feel very cozy.

Check out the entire project here!

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