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I’m having a hard time planning our dining area. I have a list of ideas and I inspiration but I’m not sure what’s the best way to utilise this space and make it look stunning. And now I’m feeling totally overwhelmed.

The purpose of the room is to be an entertaining area with a large 10-12 person dining table.

We have renovated the kitchen already which is opposite of the dining table and the style we want to continue with it’s a mix of modern and minimalistic farmhouse style with lots of organic features. We will get floating timber floors and we have also added a concrete looking fireplace on one side of the dining room connecting to the living room.

I had the following ideas/inspiration but I cannot make a decision and turning in a circle at the moment:

-centering a large 10/12 person dining table under the bulkhead

- having a timber cladded feature wall either along the window side towards the kitchen OR on the long wall from dining room to living room

- having a credenza on the dining wall side OR having a custom made inbuild cupboards/storage incl a coffee bar which looks like a feature wall (but then I don’t know how it should actually look like to look good) OR having just having a stunning wallpaper OR artwork and a old piano on this wall and a table lamp

- I also considered having a rattan hanging chair in the window nook or a hanging chair

- i was thinking about having a little llounge area in front of the windows looking outside to the garden but then it’s too squished with the table of we centre the table under the bulkhead

it‘a confusing and I’m! what would you do With this space? Andy layout and feature wall ideas?

thanks so much

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