Windows - Monument or Surfmist?

Helen Hall
29 days ago

Colour choice for aluminium window frames - Monument or Surfmist?

I prefer Monument for interior (see floor example). I think lighter frames will need more cleaning). FYI I will be adding plenty of natural timber for warmth.

I prefer Surfmist for exterior (roof and guttering will be Surfmist and possibly the painted weathertex too). I like the light/bright monotone look especially with lots of trees and greenery around. I worry Monument will look weird and out of place without the dark roof etc to match.

Maintenance and cleaning is a big consideration for me (TBH 99% of my design is based on avoiding both as much as possible).

Finally the house will be on a 5 acre block with lots of trees so I don't have to worry too much what the neighbours will think of my colour scheme or my boring 'shed' shaped house.

Any tips, hints, opinions appreciated!

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