Floor Plan Advice

Hannah Campion
29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

We have a 4 bedroom 1 bath & 1 ensuite wooden raised house on 3/4 acre with trees surrounding.

There is a beautiful back deck looking out onto rainforest trees. At the moment there are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom looking out onto the deck. Access the back deck by a long pokey hallway. The house is quite dark because of trees.

Need plenty of advice/criticism (don't be shy)

The Red beam over the left bedroom is a beam we will need to put in.

Questions -

Is the separate toilet necessary and is its position ok?

Is the Bedroom near the laundry too small?

Is the Laundry too small? (thinking stacked washer/dryer, small bench & sink)

Is the Bathroom layout ok?

1st photo original, 2nd is reno plan

We want to do the following:


Create more of an open flow from front to back of house

Remove dark bedroom in the middle of the house (small Velux)

Opens up house from front to back & removes the dark room in middle of house

Doesn't change too many walls or plumbing

Keeps the kitchen north facing for light reasons

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