Floor plan advice please - would you flip this plan?

18 days ago
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Hey everyone,

I'm building a 4BR dwelling with attached 2BR dwelling, but have a concern about my plan, and I'm a newbie when it comes to this! I'll be living in the 4BR with my 2 kids, and my parents will be in the 2BR.

The plan currently situates all bedrooms of the 4BR dwelling along the west face (see below option 1 plan)

Concern: The 4BR dwelling bedrooms are going to get very hot and uncomfortable. There won't be a house next door to shade this area.

Higher quality version of above: 

Due to this concern, I'm thinking about flipping the plan (see below option 2 plan), but then the living area of the 2BR dwelling will get the western sun, and I think the lighting in the living areas of both dwellings won't be as ideal.

There will be aircon in the living area of both dwellings, and the master bedroom in the 4BR dwelling. Plus fans in all bedrooms.

Higher quality version of above:

My question is, would you flip the plan so the 4BR dwelling is on the eastern side of the site, instead of the west?

Location: Mid North Coast NSW

Thank you in advance for any help!

Sorry if I've left out any important information. I will add more in if you let me know.

Kind regards,


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